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garage conversions in prestburyWe have offered home extensions, loft and garage conversions in Prestbury for buildings of all shapes and sizes for a wide variety of needs so please feel free to ask us for referrals and testimonials. Whether it’s for someone who requires space to study or work at home, a guest room for visiting family and friends or an extra bedroom that’s required for a growing family, you can be sure of the highest quality, guaranteed, garage conversions from Barson Construction.


Along with the obvious life-style improvements a garage conversion has to offer, it has been estimated by independent property surveyors that the average garage conversion adds between £10,000 – £15,000 to the value of a house.

Tapping into the unused potential of your garage may offer you a new living or dining-room, bedroom, office or even a self-contained annexe. Whatever space you want, we’ll build it.

Integral Conversions

If your garage is integral to your home you will find in most cases that planning permission will not be required to undertake the conversion providing that you’re not increasing the footprint of the building. Even so, you should talk to your local council because current building standards being applied by them could include floor insulation that the garage more than likely will not have, but even if this is the situation Insulation can occasionally be provided without disturbing the concrete base since the conversion no longer has a requirement to maintain the level to your outside drive and an internal step might not be a problem.

garage conversions in prestburyBUILDING REGULATIONS

Most garage conversions in Prestbury will require Building Regulations approval. Even in the uncommon instances when approval is not needed (e.g. when you have a very small, detached garage), it’s a good idea to get a Completion Certificate anyway; if you sell your property, the purchaser’s solicitor will ask to see a certificate for all building work you have undertaken.

Building Regulations approval will take into account several aspects of the build, including:

Sub-structure (if applicable)
Floor surfaces
Energy Efficiency

Below are some usual uses that others have made of this valuable space :-

Home office, no more rush hour trips to the office.
An extra bedroom for a growing family.
A ‘granny annexe’ (Double Garages)
Play area for children.
A big kitchen area with dining facilities.
A home cinema
A lounge
A home-gym
Another living room
Or just an extension to an existing room

garage conversions prestburyFree Quotes for Garage Conversions in Prestbury

Your options really are endless – Garage conversions in Prestbury can be used for more or less any purpose, as long as the required work is completed. By way of example, if you’re planning to convert your garage into a spare bedroom, the room should have good insulation, access to electricity and ideally it will need to be sound-proofed. In most cases, at least one window will also be required.

For more information please contact us. Quotes are available free of charge and without obligation. We can also offer estimates by email.


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